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Our Framework


There are so many questions: Which CPU? What application? How does Licensing work? What will I need for storage? Should I virtualize? RTM can help you with the answers!


We live in an ever-increasingly connected world where our workspace is with us constantly, independent of geographical location and user device. How can you connect consistently and securely?


Our solutions provide your staff the tools needed to quickly work together whether via the computer, phone, or video. Your work needs to get done quickly and efficiently, no matter where your team is located.


Cloud Solutions can simply be defined as a means of providing you an application or service vie the internet on platforms you neither own nor maintain.


Your users need the flexibility of “critical services, anywhere… anytime… on any device”
You need to make sure that access is not only reliable but secure… At RTM, we can help !
Remember: Security is best built into every section, not bolted on as an afterthought!


Bringing together your Compute, Connect, Collaborate, Cloud and Secure technologies into a solution that not only meets your business and financial needs, but that is also supportable, no matter how complex, throughout its life, is where the staff at RTM shines! Our people are our “special sauce”. Call us and ask us how we’ve been providing the best support for over 13 years!