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A Connected World

We live in an ever-increasingly connected world, where our workspace is with us constantly, independent of geographic location and user device. The days of boundaries or obstacles to access information that location, applications and devices would erect are limited and dwindling.

These boundaries are being torn down by business necessity, personal preferences and technical innovations. Businesses are increasingly expanding locally and globally, increasing the geographic area in which they operate and need for access to information.

The huge growth of the mobile internet provides insight into how work and work product has moved far beyond a stationary desk. It is technical innovations, however, that are ushering in a new border-less network architecture that’s delivering the capability to experience a workspace without borders, friction or frustration.

Remember the terms “BYOB”, “Borderless Networking” and “Virtual Desktop”? Seems like these terms which were in the title of every article two years ago are gone doesn’t it?

Well they’re not gone but like terms such as “T1 line”, “email” and “ modem” they are so commonplace that they barely need attention. Of course, our employees will want to use their mobile devices to work. Of course, we’ll want to work from anywhere we can gain network access! Now connectivity is no longer the concern but security it!

Regardless of the application or the need, the job of networking is to remove the borders that prevent the organization from being productive in an efficient and secure manner.