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Who’s got game you ask?

This is where we shine a light on our vendors and manufacturers that bring their A-Game in value based offerings that make a difference.

Heimdal Security: Proactive Cyber Security Software

Managing local Admin Rights with Heimdal Admin Privilege, especially when you are dealing with remote users who are working from home, increases the security posture of an organization, gives their network Admin’s who are also working remotely new tools to flexibly manage their users needs to install/use/update software on their endpoints, while mitigating the risks involved with allowing regular users or even “Power Users” to have local Admin Rights on a 24/7 basis.

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Duo Security: Two-Factor Authentication & Endpoint Security

Duo verifies users’ identities with strong multi-factor authentication. In addition, it checks security posture of users’ devices to ensure they are healthy and secure before granting access to applications. Duo is used by over 18,000 organizations to protect access to their most critical data and applications. Duo can be deployed to thousands of users within days. Easily meet compliance requirements for user authentication and access controls. Secure access to every application from users and devices and provide visibility into every user-owned device accessing your applications.

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Singlewire InformaCast: Emergency Alert Software

Connecting people when and where it matters. Mobile and on-premises mass notification system. Help keep people safe and informed. Everywhere, every time.

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